With  mole mapping, or full body cartography, we photograph each and every part of the skin. All moles are analyzed for  size, colour and shape. 

The pictures are stored in a special database. When images from two or more exams are collected, our dermatologist is able to notice developments in the moles. This is extremely important since cancerous moles are evolving slowly but steadily and the process can go unnoticed until it is too late.

With this method, you are advised to visit the dermatologist’s office for examination every 3, 6, 12 or 24 months depending on your skin cancer risk. The level of risk will be determined at your first visit. The doctor will ask for details about your medical history and about your family history in addition to providing a thorough examination of the suspicious moles.

You will receive a report for future reference and when you are leaving the Netherlands you can obtain the raw data from your examinations, so follow up can be done by your  dermatologist abroad, provided they also use the Fotofinder software. 

You can find more information about molemapping here.


The procedure

Watch the video about the procedure.


(please be aware that this examination is not covered by your Dutch insurance company. For reimbursement by foreign companies please check your policy first)

First molemap, intake by nurse, full body molemap, evaluation, consultation and report from dermatologist, total time 1hr: € 295

Follow up: full body molemap, evaluation by dermatologist: € 195

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