Out-of-hours dental emergencies

For dental care outside normal surgery hours, there is an emergency service in The Hague in which all dentists in The Hague and surrounding areas participate


When does the emergency service operate?

During evenings, weekends and on public holidays

The emergency service can be contacted by telephone on (070) 311 0305 at the following times:

Weekdays - after 16h00

Weekends - all day 

You will then be told who the attending dentist is.   They usually have a consultation hour and you will be requested to report to the emergency service then. 


When should I contact the emergency service?

The emergency service is intended for assistance in real emergencies, such as an accident or after-bleeding.  You can also request help from the emergency service in case of severe toothache


What are the payment terms?

Emergency or weekend treatment must be paid for in cash

You also need to have a valid insurance card with you

For treatments during the evening and/or on weekends, a legally established premium on top of the regular rates applies