Dental intake information

Our dental intake appointments are available Monday to Friday and form part of your initial first appointment at IHCH Dental Care

An intake appointment takes approximately 30 minutes for one adult


What is an intake appointment? 

Your first appointment at IHCH Dental Care is a combined visit of both intake and consultation.  During this time you will meet with a Dental Assistant followed by a consultation with the Dentist.   A dental intake includes the following:

    • Discussion about your general health and dental history
    • General check-up
    • X'rays, if required, as part of your examination
    • Treatment plan, if needed
    • Referral for further dental treatment, including our Dental Hygienist if needed


Do I need to book a dental intake?
  • Your first visit to IHCH Dental Care is usually booked as a dental intake appointment when you book an appointment with us
  • A dental intake differs from a medical intake



Please remember to bring:

  • Official photo identification