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Children's Dentistry

In February 2017, the IHCH opened the doors of its new in-house IHCH Dental Care clinic


Registration for IHCH Dental Care clinic

Current active patient at the IHCH - It is not currently necessary to re-register all of your details to use our dental services

New patients - Please register

If you are only registering to visit our dental clinic, registration fees do not apply


Children's dentistry services

Every child has different oral healthcare needs - that is why our friendly team of IHCH dentists, dental hygienists and prevention assistants have adopted a tailored dental approach for children, based on their age and developmental phase


To help make their visits as positive as possible, we recommend coming to see us around the time of your child's first birthday

It will help your child become familiar with the dental office environment - we can also advise on healthy diets and good teeth cleaning techniques!

Children and adolescents

During your child's dental health check, we will:

    • Carefully assess their whole mouth, paying particular attention to growing teeth
    • Ensure all teeth and surrounding structures are developing normally
    • Discuss and assess whether orthodontic treatment, such as braces, may be necessary


Please email us if you would like further information about our dentistry services for either yourself or your child. Someone from our Dental Team will contact you


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