Registration with our General Practitioners (GPs)

In the Dutch healthcare system you register with ONE General Practitioner (family doctor) of your choice before receiving access to a variety of services. We recommend that you choose a GP immediately upon your arrival in The Netherlands.  Some GPs are not taking any more new patients, therefore, you need to find a GP you are comfortable with, before falling ill.

When you have one GP, it is easier to maintain and refer to your medical records.  In many cases, an automatic billing and reimbursement process is also linked to your GP registration.

If you would like to register with one of our GPs, please do so here.

Insurance and billing information, please click here.

Frequently asked questions

In order to have access to regular health care services in The Netherlands you must register with a GP. Your GP is your first stop for all health-related matters and he or she will refer you further to any specialist, if needed.

You can register with the general practice.  You can choose between several GPs, male or female, from various backgrounds. If you register with one of our GPs and you have a local GP already, you will have to deregister with your current GP. If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you with this process.