Intake Information

Our intake appointments are currently available on a Tuesday or Wednesday only

It is preferable to arrange an intake before you visit a GP

Wherever possible, all adult family members should be present

An intake appointment takes, at minimum, 30 minutes for one adult


What is an intake appointment? 

An IHCH intake is an initial first appointment designed to inform our new patients about the IHCH and to gather important medical information about you that will help us to look after your health and wellbeing during your stay in The Netherlands. It consists of two parts:

Introduction to the IHCH by Patient Relations

    • Practical information about our Centre
    • About the Dutch healthcare system in general
    • Important, need-to-know information


    • Your general health
    • Family medical history
    • Medications (including, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements)

 * An intake is NOT a GP consultation - if you require medical attention, please telephone (070) 306 5100 to book a separate appointment 


Do I need to book an intake appointment?
  • Yes, if you are a new patient registering for all of our services, it is recommended.  If you have a complex medical history an intake is necessary

An intake appointment is not necessary if you have visited our Centre previously for a medical consultation or if you are only registering for part of our services


How do I book an intake appointment?

If you would like to arrange an intake appointment, please telephone us on (070) 306 5100 and we will be happy to assist you further 


Please remember to bring your completed and signed intake forms (one for each family member) and official photo identification with you to the appointment