Dr Han Hengefeld, Lead Dentist

Dr. Han Hengefeld graduated  in his native country The Netherlands at the dental faculty ACTA (Amsterdam) in 2009. In the last two years of his study he followed Restorative Dentistry as elective. This includes restoration with crowns and bridges as well as esthetic rehabilitation with (composite) veneers.

His professional experience has included working in several dental practices in the Netherlands. Han always finds it a joy to see how relative simple esthetic procedures can change someone's whole appearance and in that way boost one's self image and confidence. He also has a strong conviction that good and clear communication is at the basis of and an absolute condition for every successful treatment.

During any treatment Han strives to give the best dental care in a patientfriendly and predictable manner. In his opinion dentistry isn't about 'just' treating a dentition but always in relation to the patient as a whole. Han also is capable and certified to do treatments with invisible braces (Invisalign).

Han joined the IHCH dental team in October 2018 and he is a member of the dutch professional association for Dentistry (KNMT). In june of 2019 Han became Lead Dentist and in this role he is -in addition to patient treatment- responsible for the clinic's policy regarding patient care and staff matters.

In his sparetime Han likes playing the piano, art/painting, reading, fitness and running, listening to music and history. Han speaks the following languages: Dutch (fluent), English (proficient), German (intermediate).