Latest updates Corona/Covid-19 virus and appointments at the IHCH

Updated 20/04/2020 at 09:45 am

To reflect the current government guidelines the IHCH has implemented new temporary measures in an effort to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to our patients and staff. Please check this page for regular updates regarding appointments and opening hours.

In accordance with the Dutch Health Authority protocols, if you have cold or flu-like symptoms please do not attend your appointment or come to the IHCH. If your symptoms are mild please stay at home and self-isolate until your symptoms have subsided. If you are concerned and would like to speak with a doctor about your questions or symptoms, please fill out our COVID-19 call back form. Due to very high demand we will do our best to call you back within 2-3 hours.

If your symptoms are getting worse, and you are having shortness of breath, please call our GP center to speak to an assistant directly on 070 306 5111. Outside our opening hours contact the SMASH number for the Hague on 070 346 9669.

The IHCH has been very busy adjusting to new guidelines and setting up video-conferencing equipment and programs, together with hygienic shield barriers, to continue helping patients with their health and medical concerns. Patients who wish to make an appointment at the IHCH will first need to speak to a doctor over the phone or video and an assessment will be made. Non-urgent appointments may be done via phone or video conference call where possible, or in some cases may be postponed. This includes appointments with the GP, Policlinic, our lab and our dental clinic.

However, since we know that postponing necessary medical care can lead to more severe disease burden in the future, we now offer video-, email - and telephone consultations, to ensure you get the medical care that you need.

 We strongly advise you not to postpone consultations for (amongst others):

  • Fever (> 38 C/ 100.4 F measured with thermometer) for more than 6-7 days for adults, and for more than 3 days for children.
  • Chest pain not related to upper airway complaints, palpitations
  • Ongoing infections
  • Scheduled children's vaccinations (0-4yrs) should be continued. The 9 years' immunisations (MMR and TdaP) and 12 years' HPV are to be postponed. The 12 years' Meningitis ACWY should be given
  • Skin conditions (rash/lumps/eczema etc): tele consultation via video/pictures
  • Pain, not improving with OTC self medication
  • Urinary tract infections/blood in urine, difficulty urinating
  • Unstable blood sugars in diabetics
  • Persistent gastrointestinal (gut) symptoms (Diarrhea /vomiting/ constipation), black stools, blood in stools
  • High blood pressure (measured at home)
  • Dizziness, poor coordination, difficulty with speech, double vision
  • Quarantine related issues, either psychological (we have psychologists on duty, assisting you by video consultations)
  • When in doubt or worried, don't hesitate to call or email

Please see below details for the temporary changes in each department:

PHARMACY: The pharmacy will remain open to process repeat and urgent prescriptions as well as to dispense necessary medication. If you requested a repeat prescription via our website you can still pick this up. All patients will need to ring the bell at the entrance doors to be allowed into the building. Should you have cold or flu-like symptoms you will not be allowed into the building, instead a staff member will give you further instructions at the door. Please note that the pharmacy will now close at 17:00 until further notice.

GP: The GP center will remain open for emergencies and critical appointments. Routine appointments  may be postponed or done via  phone or video conference call (where possible) until further notice. If you have already booked an appointment you will be contacted by one of the assistants to reschedule your appointment or book a phone/video conference appointment. Depending on the circumstances, you may then be invided for a face-to-face consultation should this be deemed necessary. Should you have questions regarding your medical concerns, please contact the GP center to speak with an assistant on (070) 306 5111.

POLICLINIC: Routine or non-urgent appointments in the Policlinic may be postponed or done via  phone or video conference call (where possible) . If you have an appointment booked you will be contacted by one of the assistants to reschedule or or book a phone/video conference appointment. Patients which are deemed to require further examinations will be invited to attend an appointment.

  • Gynaecology will temporarily not be seeing patients for routine check-ups. If you have a check-up appointment booked, you will be contacted by one of the assistants to reschedule to a later date. If you have a follow up appointment booked for the upcoming weeks, we will organize a phone or video consultation to discuss your concerns and future follow-ups. If you are due for a repeat pap smear or colposcopy, your appointment may be rescheduled depending on the result of your latest pap smear. The gynaecologist will inform you personally. Should you experience an acute complaint such as abnormal bleeding, acute pain, severe menopause-associated issues, concerns over an STD, a lump in the breast or any other acute complains, please call our department directly on 070 306 5126.
  • Pregnancy check-ups: Routine pregnancy check-ups will continue with a modified scheme to reduce the risk of transmission to our pregnant patients. We will continue accepting patients with a new pregnancy. The first appointment (around 6 weeks of pregnancy) will take place via phone or video consultation, unless there are acute problems. Information leaflets will also be sent to you by email. The second appointment (around 9-10 weeks of pregnancy) is a face-to-face consultation in our centre for the first ultrasound. We also discuss prenatal screening and the 20-week anomaly scan, known as the SEO. This will followed by a telephone consultation with the results of the prenatal screening and the bloodwork. The SEO scan will take place at the HMC Bronovo or Westeinde Hospital, around 18 weeks of pregnancy (instead of 20 weeks) considering the modified pregnancy check-up scheme during the covid-19 pandemic. After this appointment we will schedule a phone consultation or, where concerns arise, a face-to-face consultation. If the pregnancy progresses normally your next face-to-face appointment will be around 27-28 weeks for an ultrasound and blood test, followed by another one at 32 weeks. Follow up appointments will depend on where and with whom you plan to give birth.
  • Paediatrics: Our paediatric team will continue to help the little ones, also the not so little ones, to get and stay healthy. Calls will be handled by the paediatric nurse and if she cannot answer your call she will call you back as soon as possible. Please leave your contact details with the assistant you speak to. The first option will be to have a video consult by skype or by telephone. Once the doctor has spoken to you, he or she may decide whether your child needs to be seen at the centre. These examinations will be done in the paediatric room on the 1st floor as usual. However if your child has a high risk of having coronavirus the examination will be done in a designated room on the entrance level of the IHCH. High risk patients will be asked to come with one parent and with masks if possible and the paediatrician will be wearing protective clothing, gloves, face mask and goggles when your child is seen.

  • Internal Medicine: The internal medicine team will temporarily only be seeing patients with urgent or semi-urgent complaints. If you require a consultation with the doctor, please call our internal medicine team to discuss your complaints with a nurse. She will then discuss with the doctor if an appointment is necessary. Where possible, consultations will be done by phone.  If you have a follow-up appointment booked, you will be contacted by one of the assistants to reschedule to a later date, or if deemed necessary, the doctor will call you to discuss your follow up care.
  • Surgery: The surgeon will still be performing some necessary surgeries. Please contact our surgery department should you have questions about your upcoming surgery or for further details on (070) 306 5147

DENTISTRY: The dentistry department will remain open for dental emergencies only. You will be contacted to postpone your appointment should this not be urgent. Please contact our dentistry department directly should you have queries or concerns on (070) 306 5180.

ADMINISTRATION: Our administration team will not be taking calls. They are reachable via e-mail Monday - Friday from 8am – 5pm on

We trust you understand these temporary measures that are in place in order to ensure we protect our patients and staff and do our part to slow down the outbreak of corona virus COVID-19. A nurse and/or assistant will be available at all times by phone during our opening hours to answer any concerns or queries regarding appointments or non-corona virus related questions. Please call the designated numbers depending on which department you wish to speak to. Should you have specific corona virus questions and you would like to speak to a doctor, please fill out our COVID-19 call back form.


Testing for SARS-Cov-2 (Corona virus)

At this moment PCR tests (to test for a current infection) are not available on request, but will be offered by the specialised COVID-19 centres in case you are referred there. IgM and IgG tests (to prove an overcome infection in the recent past) are under development but no reliable test is on the market yet. For further information about the corona virus/COVID-19 outbreak please visit the following websites:


General information:

Dutch Government Health Authorities advice and current prevention measures:

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control COVID-19 latest data:  

For travel advice:

If you want to talk to a doctor, please fill out our COVID-19 call back form. Due to very high demand we will do our utmost to call you back within 2-3 hours.

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Do you or anyone you know have FFP1, FFP2 or medical face masks? Hospitals and GP centres are running low and are in urgent need of these masks. You can donate these to the IHCH and we will distribute these to the hospitals and GP centres that need them most. Your help is much appreciated.