All GP and pharmaceutical services are covered with Dutch insurance, although not always for 100%. Insurance companies may apply deductions for own risk. For other services, such as alternative medicine or physiotherapy, coverage is dependant on your personal policy. We recommend you check your individual insurance policy or ask your employer about their collective insurance policies for all details.

If you have a foreign insurance policy you will have to pay the bills directly at the end of the consultation, except when you carry Vanbreda or the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This is including costs incurred for medication and other over the counter pharmaceutical products.

No, you don't. Registration is only required at the GP practice. All other services are open, also to those registered with GP's outside the IHCH.

In order to have access to regular health care services in The Netherlands you must register with a GP. Your GP is your first stop for all health-related matters and he or she will refer you further to any specialist, if needed.

You can register with the general practice.  You can choose between several GPs, male or female, from various backgrounds. If you register with one of our GPs and you have a local GP already, you will have to deregister with your current GP. If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you with this process.

You can always visit us for acute or incidental medical assistance. However, if you already are registered with a local GP in The Hague area and have Dutch insurance, we will bill you for the consultation at your own expense (since Dutch insurance companies only reimburse consultations with your own GP). All other services (specialists, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.) offered by the IHCH are available by appointment. If you plan to come to us on a regular basis, we recommend you register with the GP practice at the IHCH and de-register with your current GP.

The tariffs for specialist services are regulated by the Dutch Ministry of Health and may be very different from those in your home country.

Prices are set using a DBC (diagnosis-treatment-combination). For every diagnosis there is a different DBC, to which a package price is attached. Certain diagnoses may require more visits to the specialist, all these visits are then included in the price. This price is based on an average treatment for the diagnosis the specialist has made. Depending on the actual situation, the bill may seem either expensive or inexpensive to you.  At the end of the DBC (when the specialist closes your 'case'), an invoice will be generated.  We refer you to our billing and insurance information for the Polikliniek Prins Willem (PPW).

You can make an appointment with a GP by calling 070 306 5111.  We may be able to offer a same day appointment, but the medical issue will be assessed at the time of booking the appointment.

Our Doctor's Assistants are medically trained and abide to a strict code of confidentiality.  They may ask you a few questions to assess the urgency of the situation and to help you to the best of their ability.  We understand should you not wish to communicate your condition with the assistant - just let him/her know that you will discuss it directly with the doctor.

Yes, you can.  After your consultation with one of our GPs he or she can prescribe the same medication you started taking abroad.  If your medication is not available in The Netherlands, we will try to supply you with the equivalent medication. In all other instances, we will make an effort to import your original medication, while obeying possible legal restrictions and regulations.

For prescriptions for controlled substance (opiates, sleeping pills, tranquillizers etc) you will always be asked to have a consultation with one of our GPs first .

Yes, you can, and even if you are not registered with a GP in our clinic. Registered clients have priority access though. If you are registered with a GP at our centre, please consult your GP first when you want to see a specialist. This will reduce your waiting time and -because our GP's and specialists work closely together- ensures a good medical treatment. If you do not have a GP at all in the Netherlands, we will ask you to register with one of our GP's at the IHCH so as to secure follow-up of possible specialist treatments.

In The Netherlands, the wages of GPs consists of a subscription fee (inschrijftarief) that covers the running costs associated with a GP practice.  These costs are ongoing, which is why you pay the subscription fee once a year - whether you have visited a GP or not.  In addition to the subscription fee, there is a consultation fee that is charged only when you have an appointment with the GP. The consultation fee is low and is applied directly to the salary of the GP.

There is an exception to this rule for passant patients who require medical attention, but are not residents of The Netherlands or live in another town. These patients pay only a consultation fee, but at a higher rate than the standard consultation fee.

Not a problem.  Simply fill in the official online deregistration form prior to your move and we will then proceed with deregistering you.  Please be advised if you are leaving the country and would like copies of your medical records, due to strict confidentiality protocol, we are only in a position to turnover physical copies on a USB stick. These must be picked up from our office before your departure. We ask that you contact us with at least 14 days advance notice in order to prepare all necessary documentation.

From February 2017, the IHCH will open its own Dental Clinic in our new location in Benoordenhout, The Hague.  Please refer to our Dentistry services for further information.

As a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist and some other professions, you are not allowed to consult without a so-called BIG registration.

Please visit the governments' website here

The BIG register recognizes the qualifications of foreign healthcare professionals who would like to work in the Dutch healthcare sector. Some can enroll directly. Others must obtain official recognition of their professional qualifications or a certificate of competence.

Being listed in the BIG register entitles you to:

  • Use the legally protected title(s) belonging to your profession

  • Consult in your profession independently.

  • Doctors, dentists and midwives may carry out certain reserved procedures independently.

  • You are subject to the disciplinary rules of the relevant professional association.

  • To begin specialist training in your professional field.

The BIG register secures which professions are practiced by its registrants. BIG registration means a healthcare professional may conduct practice (for which he or she is registered) independently. 

At present we offer cardiology, dermatology, gynaecology, internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, urology, and paediatrics. Appointments can be booked via our reception, (0)70 30 65 111.

Yes, IHCH pharmacy accepts prescriptions from non-Dutch prescribing doctors.

We will check if the prescribing doctor is licensed, and fill the prescription with a Dutch available equivalent. If the prescribed medication is not available in The Netherlands, we will try and import it for you. Be aware of the fact that this can take up to a week. If you are planning to come to the Netherlands it is advised to bring along a supply of at least 2 weeks of your prescribed medication.

We can not accept foreign prescriptions for controlled substances like opiates, benzodiazepines etc. If you need this kind of medication re-filled we will ask you to book an appointment with one of our GP's first.


Your medical records are handled with the strictest confidentiality within the practice. All our staff are bound to medical privacy legislation. Each practitioner keeps his or her separate records concerning your treatment. Within the GP practice, your records can be consulted by all GP's and their medical assistants.

Your GP may need to share information in order to coordinate with other colleagues or hospital specialists to make a treatment plan for you. Sharing medical information about you with an outside third party requires your explicit consent.

While we strive to offer maximum flexibility with our clients, we ask that you email us if you need to cancel your appointment with us as soon as possible. For cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, we are obliged to charge the full consultation fee.  Please note that if you receive a No-show or cancellation bill, your insurance company usually does not reimburse it.  For further information, we refer you to our No-Show / Cancellation Policy.

Yes, you can. Provided you can give us the vaccination history, we will do our best to continue your national immunization and vaccination scheme. However, we can only offer this service if you are registered with the GP practice at the IHCH. Please note that most Dutch insurance companies will not reimburse the cost of vaccinations in these cases.

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine costs € 70,76

You will be charged a consultation fee depending on your insurance plan and time needed. We charge a 20 minute/long consultation (including administration of the vaccine). 

Reimbursement idepends on your individual insurance plan, please enquire with your insurance company.

Blood glucose levels in The Netherlands are expressed in mmol/l (millimole per litre) instead of mg/dl (milligrams per decilitre) as in many other countries.

The conversion is: Dutch value * 18= mg/dl value, for example: Dutch measurement= 7.0 mmol/l equals 7.0 * 18 = 126 mg/dl

You can also download a table here

The IHCH runs a travel clinic. Please make an appointment, and we'll be happy to advise you on all the precautions and provide you with the vaccinations you need before heading off.

- children below age 5

- teenagers and young adults

- age > 55

- travelers to countries with a high prevalence of Meningitis

- people without spleen (due to operation/accident)

- people who have been in contact with a proven infected patient

- Hadj-pilgrims


The amount of infections with type W in the Netherlands has sharply risen to 90 cases per year since 2015. The disease has a high mortality rate and can develop very quickly.

Infections with meningitis type C have almost completely disappeared due to a high vaccination rate in the Dutch population, with the new recommendations we aim for the same result with Meningitis W.

The other most common cause  of meningococcal infections in the Netherlands is Meningitis B.  This vaccine is not offered by Dutch government , but IHCH can provide this.

The other most common types are A and Y, not prevalent in the Netherlands.

Yes, it is possible add immunity against Meningitis type W.  Since there is no separate Meningitis W vaccine, your child can get the ACWY vaccine.

Though your child will then receive  Meningitis C vaccine again, which is medically seen not necessary, this is no health risk.

You can book an appointment with our vaccination specialist. He/she will assess if vaccinations are needed, if yes, they can be immediately arranged after the consultation. This service is also open to non-registered patients.

  • Meningitis is the swelling of the meninges, which is the lining around the brain and spinal cord, caused mainly by germs (bacteria or viruses) entering the body
  • Septicaemia is blood poisoning caused by the same germs that can cause meningitis
  • Meningitis and septicaemia are illnesses that can kill in hours
  • Anyone, anywhere of any age can get meningitis and septicaemia, although some people are at higher risk than others

The current concern is about bacterial Meningitis type W, caused by the Neisseria meningitidis type W (meningococcus) 

In the Netherlands, all children born after March 2017 are now vaccinated against Meningitis types  A,C,W and Y.  Older children are vaccinated against type C only. 

The age groups most at risk are babies and adolescents of age 14-18, though anyone can get Meningitis. 

By vaccinating babies and adolescents we hope to eradicate the most important infectious sources, so less bacteria can spread in society. Thus, by vaccinating these age groups, other children and adults will be protected from catching the disease.

If your child is not invited by the consultatiebureau, he/she does not meet the age criteria. You or your child can get the vaccine, but you will have to arrange this privately.

IHCH has sent out an invitation e-mail to all 14-18 year old registered patients, but does not have all e-mail addresses, if you have not received this message you can read it here 


Yes, you can. The IHCH is a fully licensed vaccination clinic, open to all patients. You will have to fill out our registration form first and choose "for travel/vaccinations only" when registering, if you want to stay registered with your own GP/family doctor.

Patients who are already registered with the Primary care/Gp department can just call the clinic and have priority, demand for the vaccine is very high at the moment.