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We have selected a few websites we consider reliable.

Find information about (your) disease

Self Diagnosis:

About diagnosing yourself: Please note that the information provided by these tools are provided solely for educational purposes and are not qualified medical opinions. This information should not be considered advice or an opinion of a doctor or other health professional about your actual medical state, and you should see a doctor for any symptoms you may have. If you are experiencing a health emergency, you should call 112 number immediately to request emergency medical assistance.

If the tests indicate that you have a medical problem we strongly advise you to contact our clinic for professional follow up. We strongly advise against starting self treatment before a doctor has confirmed your findings.


- diagnostic aid : symptomate (English)

- diagnostic aid: symptomchecker (English)

Psychology & Psychiatry

- addiction and behaviour (i.e. alcohol, drugs etc)


- depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder