Influenza vaccinations

The influenza vaccination campaign at IHCH 2018 will take place in the first two weeks of  November. This is well before the first expected flu-wave arriving in The Netherlands.

The Dutch health authorities provide free influenza vaccinations for all patients mentioned here under:

Who should receive influenza vaccinations?

  • People aged 60 years and older;
  • People with chronic pulmonary (including asthma), cardiovascular (except hypertension), renal, hepatic, neurologic, hematologic, or metabolic disorders (including diabetes mellitus);
  • People who are immunosuppressed (including immunosuppression caused by medications or by Human Immunodeficiency Virus);
  • People who are aged 6 months through 18 years and receiving long-term aspirin therapy and who therefore might be at risk for experiencing Reye syndrome after influenza virus infection;
  • People who are residents of nursing homes and other chronic-care facilities;
  • People with extreme obesity (body-mass index [BMI] is 40 or greater);
  • Health care personnel;
  • Household contacts and caregivers of people with medical conditions that put them at higher risk for severe complications from influenza.

The IHCH will send invitations each year if you have any of the conditions mentioned above. If you did not receive an invitation and think you are elligible, please contact our staff.

Can I get a flu shot if I am not in a risk group?

Yes, you can. Please fill out our influenza request form, and present it to our pharmacy staff. In this case the vaccine will cost € 30 (including administration by our nurses)