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Travel Clinic & Vaccinations

For travel advice and vaccinations please telephone our Centre on  (070) 306 5111

This is an open service, also available to patients registered with GPs elsewhere. However, you will still need to register your details with us by completing our online registration form, and selecting Health checks / Tests only.

We offer a full range of vaccinations and travel advice at our Centre, including Yellow Fever.

Please bring your vaccination records with you.  We can also issue medical passports when needed.

Your appointment will take between 20-30 minutes, vaccinations by our nursing staff may follow.

Price of the consultation are the same as for GP consultations, so depending on if you are a registered patient to the primary care clinic or not.

Our vaccine-prices are amongst the lowest on the market.  If it turns out that you do not need any vaccinations at all, you will still be billed for the consultation. If you require a new vaccination passport there will be an extra charge of €3,00

Please check further with your health insurance provider if you will be reimbursed

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Children's  immunisations


 As an expat parent, dealing with your children's immunisations is always a concern

Different countries have different schedules, different endemic diseases, different government or private based systems:  Our IHCH vaccination doctor can help you make the right decisions

In the regular Dutch system, if you are an official registered resident to a Dutch municipality, the consultatiebureau (CB) will invite your child for all due vaccinations. Unfortunately, their letters are in Dutch, so many an expat has difficulty understanding what is meant, or where to call for an appointment. If you need help translating the letters or interpreting the information, our medical staff will be pleased to help you.

The children of many diplomats or NGO personnel are not included in the government based imunisation programme. Parents have to take care of the proper immunisations themselves. IHCH stocks all childrens' vaccinations.

If you are invited by the CB and  would like to deviate from the Dutch schedule (i.e. administer at a later or earlier age), the CB is not allowed to help you.  Neither will they be able to administer, for example, chicken-pox (varicella) vaccine, or Rotavirus. IHCH can also offer the Meningitis B vaccine.

Our vaccination doctor has thorough knowledge of world-wide immunisation schedules and can design a schedule that fits the expat lifestyle.

This service is also open to patients registered with a GP elsewhere, you will however need to register your details with our clinic by completing our online registration form, and select Health Checks / Tests only.  The initial consultation is also offered as Video-consultation. For administering the vaccines you will, of course, have to visit our clinic.

For an appointment you can call +31 (0)70 306 5111.



Frequently asked questions

If you are registered with a General Practitioner in The Hague area and have Dutch insurance, we  bill you personally for the consultation, since Dutch insurance companies only reimburse consultations with the GP that you are registered with.

All other services (specialist care, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.) offered by IHCH are available by appointment only and you generally require a referral letter. If you plan to visit us on a regular basis, we recommend you deregister with your current GP and register with the IHCH GP practice.

Registering with one of our services, does not automatically register you with our other services. Please refer to our online registration form or speak with one of our assistants from the Patient Relations Department for further information.

Our Polikliniek Prins Willem (PPW) services are open to persons registered with a General Practitioner outside of IHCH.  In that case, please register as a Polyclinic patient only.