Well Baby Newborn Examination

Well Baby Program

  • Available for children from birth to 5 years
  • A specialised program designed to combine the best of conventional and alternative medicine
  • Consultations with an English-speaking paediatrician with an international approach to patients and their illnesses


Polikliniek Prins Willem Well Baby Program 

Our unique program is designed to complement that of the Dutch Consultatiebureau.  All Consultatiebureaus, or clinics, are under the umbrella of the Dutch Government Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) -  the National Institute for Health and the Environment.  Consultatiebureaus remain responsible for administering vaccinations for children officially registered within their respective municipality.  

1st month check:

  • Examination by paediatrician
  • Discussion of feeding – breast and bottle
  • Discussion of the Dutch vaccination program
  • Baby products – which to use?
  • The best stimulation techniques
  • Allergy prevention
  • Screening options – for example, ultrasound of the hips
  • First aid homeopathic remedies for home use

4-5 month check:

  • Examination by paediatrician
  • Development and growth assessment
  • Feeding assessment – weaning to solids – how and when?
  • Reactions to the vaccines
  • Crèche or other options and why

1 year check:

  • Examination by paediatrician
  • Development and growth assessment
  • Healthy diet for toddlers
  • Safety at home
  • Toys and stimulation

If you are interested in our Well Baby Program or would like more information, please email us