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You will notice I refer a lot to paleo- recipe websites.

I would like to state that I personally do not support the Paleo diet theory (we were hunter gatherers and our current diet should look like what our ancestors ate. This because our genes are/were too slow to adapt to these modern molecules.... Keep in mind that we actually don't exactly know what they ate, we do live a lot longer than our ancestors, our brains are bigger, etc etc. We seem to do at least something right. Apart from that, if we would have to feed all the mouths in the world by gathering seeds and berries and hunting an occasional elephant, animal- and mankind would soon go extinct, we do need our staple foods for that reason also).

But, the recipes you will find below are good in their carbohydrate/fat/protein ratio, though some of them may contain a little much too much protein.  If you are training muscle development, this is perfect, if you are a couch potato (which you shouldn't be) too much protein can be a strain on the kidneys.

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