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Here at the International Health Centre The Hague, partnered with the Polikliniek Prins Willem, we offer a wide-ranging selection of services and specialisms under one roof.  We believe this gives you the opportunity to receive quality, comprehensive health care in our Centre.

The following services are offered by, or via, the IHCH:

Frequently asked questions

Registering with one of our services, does not automatically register you with our other services. Please refer to our online registration form or speak with one of our assistants from the Patient Relations Department for further information.

Our Polikliniek Prins Willem (PPW) services are open to persons registered with a General Practitioner outside of IHCH.  In that case, please register as a Polyclinic patient only.

All GP and pharmaceutical services are covered with Dutch insurance, although not always for 100%.  Insurance companies may apply deductions from your own risk.  For other services, such as physiotherapy, coverage is dependant on your personal policy.  We recommend you check your individual insurance policy or ask your employer about their collective insurance policies for all details.

If you have international or foreign insurance we refer you to our billing and insurance information for:

GP consultations

Polikliniek Prins Willem

IHCH Dental Clinic

IHCH Pharmacy


Video consultations

The IHCH is pleased to offer video consultations through an online platform called PatientHub. The service will allow you to receive an appointment with a doctor without having to leave your home or visit our Centre in person. In order to be book a video consultation you must first be registered.

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