Welcome to the International Health Centre The Hague.


Due to the high number of new registrations with our GP section, the waiting times for consultations  with our GPs are longer than we consider acceptable for our existing clients.  Therefore, we apply a temporary stop to new registrations until the waiting times are back in line with our quality standards. Registrations for our polyclinic, dentistry and pharmacy will be continued.

You can leave your email address if you would like to be informed when the patient stop has ended.

If you have an acute medical problem you can go to MCH hospital, huisartsenpost,

AddressLijnbaan 32, 2512 VA Den Haag, or try to find a family practice near you

Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive health care by offering a range of services, from general healthcare (huisartsen) to specialist treatment, under one roof.

Our services include:


Registration with the IHCH


  • Please read the IHCH Code of Conduct and familarise yourself with IHCH policies on our website before registering at our Centre.  By proceeding with your registration at the IHCH,  you understand and agree to the IHCH terms and conditions
  • If you are registered with another GP practice in The Netherlands, and wish to join our GP practice, you must first de­register from your current doctor ­as you may only be registered with ONE GP in The Netherlands at any one time.  For more information, click Registration with our General Practitioners
  • For persons living more than 10km from the IHCH, please be aware that we are unable to provide home or emergency visits at any time

To officially join our GP practice, or to use any of our other services, please complete our online Registration Form

* Seeing a specialist, scheduling a preventive/health check, travel advice appointment, or nutritional advice can all be performed while you are registered with a GP elsewhere. Please use the online form and choose your requested service. Once your details have been successfully processed, you will receive more information on costs, insurance coverage, etc.


Further information

IHCH Code of Conduct

Appointment and Cancellation Policy

Privacy statement

Registration with our general practitioners

Seeing our specialists

Additional services

Registration form


What to expect after you have submitted your registration

Should your registration be successfully processed*,  you will receive a confirmation email with further practical information concerning our registration fees, charges and cancellation policies, and an intake form (if applicable).

If you wish to visit the Centre, or would like further information about our practice before making the decision to join us, please send us an email.


* The registration process takes, at minimum, three (3) working days

Frequently asked questions

In order to have access to regular health care services in The Netherlands you must register with a GP.   You should do this before you fall ill.  Your GP is your first stop for all health-related matters and they will refer you to a specialist, if needed.

You can register with our GP practice online.   You can also select a family doctor or GP from our website or once you have visited our Centre.  You can choose by gender - male or female or language preference - all of our doctors speak English.

If you register with one of our GPs and you are already registered with a GP in The Netherlands, you need to officially deregister with your current GP practice beforehand.   If not, fees may apply.

If you have any questions, we are happy to assist.

No, you don't. Registration is only required once.  However, it is important to update us if your registration status changes in the future.

Our Polikliniek Prins Willem (PPW) services are also open to persons registered with GPs elsewhere.  Please register as a Policlinic patient only, should this be the case.

Your medical records are handled with the strictest confidentiality within the practice. All our staff are bound to medical privacy legislation. Each practitioner keeps their separate records concerning your treatment. Within the GP practice, your records can be consulted by all GPs and their medical assistants.

Your GP may need to share information in order to coordinate with other colleagues or hospital specialists to make a treatment plan for you. Sharing medical information about you with an outside third party requires your explicit consent.

Not a problem. Simply fill in and submit our official online deregistration form  prior to your move, so that we may settle your account and update our records.

Please be advised if you are leaving the country and would like copies of any/all medical records, due to strict confidentiality protocol, we are only in a position to turnover physical copies onto a USB stick. These must be picked up from our office before your departure.   An administrative fee applies.

We ask that you contact us at least 14 days beforehand in order for us to complete the entire deregistration process and prepare any medical records, should they be required.

You can always visit us for acute or incidental medical assistance.

However, if you already are registered with a local GP in The Hague area and have Dutch insurance, we will bill you for the consultation at your own expense (since Dutch insurance companies only reimburse consultations with your own GP).

All other services (specialists, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.) offered by the IHCH are available by appointment only. If you plan to come to us on a regular basis, we recommend you register with our GP practice at the IHCH and deregister with your current GP.