Prescriptions and our Repeat Prescription Service

The IHCH offers a repeat prescription service for patients who require a regular prescription refill. You may order medication that you have on a regular basis by filling in our prescription request form. Provided your order is placed before 15:00, it will be ready for collection after 2 working days.  If you need an item earlier because you have run out, please call us so that we can speed up the process.

repeat prescription webform

This service is available for registered clients of IHCH only. This service is only available to patients with medication that have been previously prescribed by an IHCH doctor and that is used on a regular basis. If you are a registered patient of the IHCH, and the medication you are requesting has NOT been previously prescribed by an IHCH doctor, then please call us to arrange an appointment with a doctor.

(E-services are only available if you already have an activated account. This can only be arranged on-site due to GDPR regulations, so please ask our staff when visiting us)

You may order up to four different medications on one form. If you need more than four prescriptions, you will need to submit a second form. When ordering for multiple family members, please use a separate form for each family member.

Disclaimer: For the following medication, a control check once per year is required before we can process your refill request: drugs to treat thyroid problems, blood pressure lowering drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, blood thinners, drugs to treat chronic obstructive airway disease, and psycho­active medication (anti­ depressants, sleeping pills etc.). Please be advised that an assistant will be in contact should an appointment be necessary to fill your request.

Frequently asked questions

If you are registered with a General Practitioner in The Hague area and have Dutch insurance, we  bill you personally for the consultation, since Dutch insurance companies only reimburse consultations with the GP that you are registered with.

All other services (specialist care, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.) offered by IHCH are available by appointment only and you generally require a referral letter. If you plan to visit us on a regular basis, we recommend you deregister with your current GP and register with the IHCH GP practice.

In order to have access to regular health care services in The Netherlands you must register with a GP.   You should do this before you fall ill.  Your GP is your first stop for all health-related matters and they will refer you to a specialist, if needed.

You can register with our GP practice online.   You can also select a family doctor or GP from our website or once you have visited our Centre.  You can choose by gender - male or female or language preference - all of our doctors speak English.

If you register with one of our GPs and you are already registered with a GP in The Netherlands, you need to officially deregister with your current GP practice beforehand.   If not, fees may apply.

If you have any questions, we are happy to assist.

Yes, you can.  After your consultation with one of our GP's he or she can prescribe the same medication you started taking abroad.  If your medication is not available in The Netherlands we will almost always be able to supply you with the equivalent medication. In all other instances, we will make an effort to import your original medication, while obeying possible legal restrictions and regulations.

For prescriptions for controlled substance (opiates, sleeping pills, tranquillizers etc) you will always be invited for a consultation with one of our GP's first .