Possibilities for testing for COVID-19

For more information about testing for COVID-19 and to understand the different kind of tests click here

It is now possible to test for both a current and past COVID-19 infection.

1: PCR

A current COVID-19 infection is tested via the so called PCR test, done by a nose-throat swab.

Some countries require a recent negative PCR test to allow entry, you can find an overview for international travel here

IHCH’s travel clinic offers the COVID-19 PCR-test. The cost is €150- (€165 if you are not registered with our GP practice), and can be arranged by appointment only. Please call 0031 70 3065111 to book an appointment. If you are not registered with our GP clinic please fill out the registration form, choose COVID test only as reason for registration

2: IgG

Antibody (IgG) testing can determine whether you have previously been infected with COVID-19 if your symptoms started more than 3-4 weeks ago. Antibody IgG testing is offered via our GP’s if there is a medical indication (such as if you are still suffering from possible COVID-19 infection, if you have an immune compromised person in your household etc.). The brand of the test is Wantai, it is done via venipuncture (blood test). Results may take 24 hours to several days, depending on the daily capacity of the lab. The cost will be deducted from your own risk if you have a Dutch insurance, for foreign insurance plans may differ. This test is only offered if you have a medical condition as a result of  a possible SARS-Cov-2 infection, on decision of the GP.

If you are “just curious” or need a result fast, we offer an IgG rapid test (Brand: Biozek), done via a finger prick, result available within 15 minutes. Cost is €50 (plus a doctors' consultation)

The test will be offered to registered patients of IHCH only and is always followed by a short doctors' consultation to explain what results mean. You can read more about this test here.

For non-IHCH registered patients the cost of the test is  €70, plus the cost of a consultation  of € 29,31. Apply for the test via our registration form, choose 'Health Check /  Tests only' from the first drop down menu.

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