Paediatrics during Covid-19

Last updated 24/03/2020

During these challenging times we have modified the International Health Centre (IHCH) paediatric service so as best to continue providing our patients with efficient and high quality child health care.

We are up and running and as always before here to help the little ones, also the not so little ones, get and stay healthy.

 All patients calling for appointments will be accommodated by the paediatric team. Calls will be diverted to the paediatric nurse and if she cannot answer your call she will call you back as soon as possible so please leave your contact details.

The nurse will discuss with you the following 2 possibilities:

1. Telemedicine consults for all patients – this can be done by Skype/ video consult or by telephone.

2. Consults at the IHCH  - these will be arranged once patients have been called and the doctor feels that your child needs to be seen at the centre. These examinations will be done in the paediatric room on the 1st floor . If your child has a high risk of having coronavirus the examination will be done in a designated room on the entrance level of the IHCH. High risk patients will be asked to come with one parent and with masks if possible and the paediatrician will be wearing protective clothing, gloves, face mask and goggles when your child is seen.

 We will do our best to make a difference to our little patients and their families in these uncertain times.

 Paediatric Team IHCH