Gynaecology during Covid-19


Last updated 24/03/2020

Gynaecology will temporarily not be seeing patients for routine check-ups in light of the covid-19 corona virus pandemic. If you have a check-up appointment booked, you will be contacted by one of the assistants to reschedule to a later date. If you have a follow up appointment booked for the upcoming weeks, we will organize a phone or video consultation to discuss your concerns and future follow-ups. If you are due for a repeat pap smear or colposcopy, your appointment may be rescheduled depending on the result of your latest pap smear. The gynaecologist will inform you personally.

Should you experience an acute complaint such as abnormal bleeding, acute pain, severe menopause-associated issues, concerns over an STD, a lump in the breast or any other acute complains, please call our department directly on 070 306 5126.

Pregnancy check-ups

Routine pregnancy check-ups will continue with a modified scheme to reduce the risk of transmission to our pregnant patients. We will continue accepting patients with a new pregnancy.

The first appointment (around 6 weeks of pregnancy) will take place via phone or video consultation, unless there are acute problems. Information leaflets will also be sent to you by email.

The second appointment (around 9-10 weeks of pregnancy) is a face-to-face consultation in our centre for the first ultrasound. We also discuss prenatal screening and the 20-week anomaly scan, known as the SEO.

There will be a telephone consultation with the results of the prenatal screening and the bloodwork.

The SEO scan will take place at the HMC Bronovo or Westeinde Hospital. This scan will take place around 18 weeks of pregnancy (instead of 20 weeks) considering the modified pregnancy check-up scheme during the covid-19 pandemic. After this appointment we will schedule a phone consultation or, where concerns arise, a face-to-face consultation.

If the pregnancy progresses normally your next face-to-face appointment will be around 27-28 weeks for an ultrasound and blood test, followed by another one at 32 weeks. Follow up appointments will depend on where and with whom you plan to give birth.

For all appointments:

Please do not attend the IHCH before calling and speaking with a doctor or midwife. Please remember that if you have a cold or flu-like symptoms you need to stay at home unless you require urgent medical care.