Useful websites

We have selected a few websites we consider reliable.

About finding information about (your) disease

If you are diagnosing yourself: Please note that the information provided by these tools are provided solely for educational purposes and are not  qualified medical opinions. This information should not be considered advice or an opinion of a doctor or other health professional about your actual medical state, and you should see a doctor for any symptoms you may have. If you are experiencing a health emergency, you should call 112 immediately to request emergency medical assistance.

Self diagnosis

- symptomate (English) please make a screenprint of the results screen if you use this for consultation.

- symptomchecker (English)

- mayo clinic symptom checker (English)


Information about diseases

- Merck manual consumer version, (several languages, use dropdown menu  here --

- Merck manual professional  version

Uptodate, (English) free for patients. The paid site is also used by professionals.

 - Medline plus (English, Espanol)

- Medcinenet (English) (Francais)

- (Deutsch)


Medication, Dietary supplements

drugs & medications WebMD (English)

- drugs & supplements Medline plus (English, Spanish)

- dietary supplements NIH (English)


Genetics and genomics

The basiscs (English, NIH)

- Self testing: read this first

- Feeding your raw data to 3rd party algorithms