Waiting Times

Our waiting times for polyclinic services are relatively short.
Waiting times will change due to seasonality (holiday season) or peak demand. In the Netherlands a maximum waiting time for polyclinic services  of 28  days (49 days for actual treatment)  is considered acceptable.
Our actual waiting times (in calendar days) per specialism are as follows: 
  • Cardiology - 26 days
  • Surgery - 7 days
  • Dermatology - 11 days
  • Gynaecology - 6 days
  • Internal Medircine - 4 days
  • E-N-T (ear, nose, throat) - 21 days
  • Paediatrics - 5 days
  • Pulmonology - 11 days
  • Neurology - 4 days
  • Ophthalmology - 6 days
  • Psychiatry - 7 days
  • Urology - 14 days

Please contact us if you consider the waiting time too long to find a solution for you.  You can also contact your Dutch health insurance company to see if they can find a quicker solution for you elsewhere.

Patients who need to be treated urgently can make a same day appointment through a referal from their GP. The waiting time per specialism is decided on the basis of actual waiting times per month at the IHCH Policlinic.

This page was last updated in Agusut 2019.