Appointment and cancellation policy

  • All prospective patients need to register with us online before visiting a medical professional
  • We are not a walk-in clinic - appointments are by telephone only

All GP appointments need to be made by calling us on:  +31 (0)70 306 5100

  • Our telephone lines at the GP practice are open from:

    08h00 until 11h00

    11h30 until 17h00

  • Please email us at at for cancellations or if any of your details change in the future, including your registration status
  • All of our medical professionals speak English 


Appointments with General Practitioners (GPs)

If you are currently registered with another GP in The Netherlands, please be aware that you will need to officially deregister at your previous medical practice if you would like to be a regular fixed patient at the IHCH

Home visits

If you are too ill or physically unable to come to the IHCH*, arrangements can be made for a GP to visit you at home.  This may be the case if you have a disability and are housebound

* For IHCH patients living more than 10km away from our Centre, unfortunately we are not able to provide home or emergency visits at any time


Appointments with Specialists

We recommend that you also register with one of our GPs (please select, "As GP / Huisarts Patients(s), including access to all  IHCH services" on our registration form), as they work in close cooperation with our specialists, in order to help you streamline your individual healthcare needs.

However, if you currently have a GP elsewhere and do not want to change, you can still visit our specialists.  When registering with us, please select "to see our PoliClinic specialists only" on our online registration form

Please be aware that our IHCH patients are given priority for Policlinic appointments.


Second opinion appointments


No-show / Cancellation fees 

We adhere to a strict 24-hour No-show / cancellation policy.  Therefore, please be aware that unless we receive at least 24 hours notice by emailing us, prior to the cancellation of an appointment with one of our medical professionals, you will receive an invoice and be charged a No-show / cancellation fee. 

Fees for missed GP consultations

  • A maximum no-show / cancellation fee of 20 Euros applies

Fees for missed specialist consultations

  • A flat no-show / cancellation fee of 45 Euros applies

Please be aware that No-show / cancellation fees are not usually reimbursed by insurance companies and will be billed to you directly.