Ms Margarita Merchan Price, CBT Psychologist NIP

Margarita Merchan Price is a cognitive behavioural therapist. She graduated in Bogota, Colombia, in psychology. Afterwards, she took courses in clinical psychology and psychotherapy at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany. In this period, she spent three years treating adults with psychological disorders.

I believe that a decision to seek help from psychotherapist may sometimes be difficult to make. It is even more difficult to find such help in a foreign country where your mother tongue is not spoken. My most important goal at the IHCH is to offer expats the possibility to get professional psychological help and counselling in the language they are comfortable talking in. Therefore I offer counselling services in Spanish and German.

Margarita Merchan Price has been an expat herself for many years, living in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. This experience enables her in particular to understand the situations that expats as individuals and as families may encounter.