Drs. Graciela de Mussini, Psychologist NIP

Graciela graduated from the Catholic University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (UCA) as a Licensed Psychologist in 1989. In 2002 she also obtained a degree from the Health and Science Center at the Houston Community College, in Texas, USA as a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC). Graciela speaks Spanish and English. Her areas of expertise are multicultural counseling and matters concerning the dynamics of family, childhood and adolescence. She offers coaching, consultations and parental guidance during times of crisis, behavior disorders and school performance difficulties.

I was born in Argentina and was educated at a British Bilingual School in Buenos Aires. After graduating from university as a Psychologist, I worked at public hospitals and a number of secondary schools in Buenos Aires and later on at a chemical dependency treatment center in Houston, Texas. Working with children, adolescents and their families has always been my preferred field. I strongly believe in prevention and try to approach problems from different angles. Working and living in Argentina, the USA and now once again in The Netherlands has broadened my knowledge and understanding of human psychology. Being an expatriate spouse and having raised two children of my own "away from home" I am fully aware of the challenges of a high mobility life style with regard to children.