Dr Marcelo Fernandes, Dentist

Marcelo Fernandes started his career in 1993 in his native country of Brazil. He graduated in Dentistry in 1997 at the Federal University of Uberlandia. In 1998 he was awarded an ambassadorial scholarship by the Rotary Foundation and relocated to the U.K. to follow a Masters degree in Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Dundee. After completing his studies he became the lead researcher of a five-year project looking into the provision of dental health services and oral surgery in the U.K. where he worked closely with several dental practices in Scotland. This project was funded by The Wellcome Trust and formed the basis of his PhD successfully confered by the University of Dundee in 2008.

Besides academic research Marcelo always maintained a keen interest in treating patients and after passing his British registration exams he followed a year general dental practice vocational training at the East of Scotland Educational Deanery in 2005.

He worked at two dental practices in Aberdeen, Scotland for many years before relocating to Manchester in England in 2010 where he worked as the clinical lead dentist for a group of dental practices.

His main interest is the delivery of pain-free dental treatments using innovative dental materials, 3-D printed porcelain fillings, cosmetic bonding and cosmetic dentistry in general as a means to provide a natural looking smile. He believes in patient-centered dentistry where patients are involved in their treatment plan.

Marcelo has been in The Netherlands since 2016 and dedicated his first year in the country to learn the language. He has joined the IHCH dental team in August 2017 and he is a member of the KNMT.