Abigail Villeza- Wehr, Pediatric Assistant / Nurse

Ms Abigail Villeza-Wehr graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing  in the Philippines. She moved to the United States and worked at the John’s Hopkins Bayview Medical Center  in Baltimore Maryland as a registered nurse. There, she worked between the Burn ICU and the Surgical Intermediate Care Unit.

She moved to the Netherlands, where she and her family  now live for 20 years, with a diplomatic expat status.

She finished International Public Health at the Hogeschool Leiden in 2014. After that she attempted to take her master’s degree for Chronic Lifestyle Disorders at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam which she was unable to complete due to the family duties.

As a  mother of two teenage children and  being in the Netherlands for numerous years,  she identifies vividly with the domestic, social & emotional challenges of each expat family she serves: their health needs and expectations, their health beliefs as well as  their cultural convictions.

She speaks English, Dutch, German, Tagalog and Ilocano. Since 2016 she worked with the IHCH Pediatricians.