COVID-19 and Appointments at the IHCH

16 Mar, 2020

To reflect the current government guidelines the IHCH has implemented new temporary measures in an effort to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to our patients and staff. Please check this link for regular updates regarding appointments and opening hours.

In accordance with the Dutch Health Authority protocols, if you have cold or flu-like symptoms please do not attend your appointment or come to the IHCH. If your symptoms are mild please stay at home and self-isolate until your symptoms have subsided. If you are concerned and would like to speak with a doctor about your questions or symptoms, please fill out our COVID-19 call back form. Due to very high demand we will do our best to call you back within 2-3 hours.

If your symptoms are getting worse, and you are having shortness of breath, please call our GP center to speak to an assistant directly on 070 306 5111. Outside our opening hours contact the SMASH number for the Hague on 070 346 9669.

For maximum protection of patients and staff health, from the 16 of March all patients with an appointment at the IHCH or who wish to make an appointment at the IHCH will first need to speak to a doctor over the phone or video and an assessment will be made. All non-urgent appointments will be postponed until further notice. This includes appointments with the GP, Policlinic, our lab and our dental clinic. Please follow this link for further details. 

We trust you understand these temporary measures that are in place in order to ensure we protect our patients and staff and do our part to slow down the outbreak of corona virus COVID-19. A nurse and/or assistant will be available at all times by phone during our opening hours to answer any concerns or queries regarding appointments or non-corona virus related questions. Please call the designated numbers depending on which department you wish to speak to. Should you have specific corona virus questions and you would like to speak to a doctor, please fill out our COVID-19 call back form.